Bobby Avey Announces New Record, ‘Inhuman Wilderness’

Posted on April 14th, 2016 by Matt


For a young musician, Bobby Avey has quickly establishing himself as an emerging voice in the creative music scene. The Guardian describes him as, “a player and musical thinker with an intriguing future,” who The New Yorker asserts “[Avey is] a young pianist of invention and refinement.” In 2011, he won the Thelonious Monk Competition for Composition, following the release of his first album,  A New Face, which the New York Times called “A promising debut.”

Inhuman Wilderness, the fifth recording from the esteemed pianist, promises to be a major artistic statement. The release is a multi-hued tapestry that eloquently portrays the tragedy of man’s inhumanity to his fellow man and to nature. Releasing June 24th, 2016, the album will be Innervoice Jazz’s second release after pianist Marc Copland’s Zenith.

Once again, Avey’s has enlisted longtime bassist Thomson Kneeland and drummer Jordan Perlson to support the underlying framework of his unusual concepts.  The trio have almost a decade of playing under their belts. Indeed proclaimed the three, “a strong, intuitive trio.” The fourth voice joining the quartet for Inhuman Wilderness is alto saxophonist John O’Gallagher.  Avey met O’Gallagher in 2014 when the two played a gig together in NYC, and it was in that moment Avey knew he had found the final component to complete a new quartet. Avey says “John was simply the best fit for the repertoire.  He internalized the music quickly and brought it to life.” Read the rest of this entry »

Amir Elsaffar’s Rivers of Sound

Posted on April 2nd, 2016 by Matt

Rivers of Sound is a large ensemble of instrumentalists from Western and Middle Eastern traditions, exploring the confluences of a musical language that transcends notions of tradition and style. In performing Not Two, an original composition by Amir ElSaffar, each musician interacts with the group through both improvised and composed material to create a novel composite sound.

Composer, trumpeter, santur player and vocalist, Amir ElSaffar, an expert in Jazz and Iraqi maqam, has forged his novel approach to combining musical languages through his six-piece ensemble Two Rivers. Over the past eight years, the group has released three CD’s on Pi Recordings. Crisis, the most recent, was a Newport Jazz Festival commission. Jazz critic of the The Chicago Tribune, Howard Reich, declared Crisis “one of the most beautiful and evocative jazz recordings of the year.” A reviewer for The Wire, stated that “ElSaffar is uniquely poised to reconcile jazz and Arabic music without doing either harm…the result of engagement across the board, presented with clarity and eloquence.”

Rivers of Sound: Not Two is a continuation of the Two Rivers concept, but projected onto a wider canvas unprecedented in scope and imagination.  Microtonal maqam melodies traverse a richly-textured bed of sound created by oud, buzuk, and santur, in combination with cello, violin, saxophones, English horn and trumpet. Also at play are multilayered, rhythmic patterns and harmonies performed by re-tuned vibraphone, piano and guitar. The drum set, mridangam, dumbek, frame drums and double-bass provide the rhythmic foundation and subdivisions of the multiple currents. Resonance across rhythmic, tonal, and timbral spectra, and across musical traditions, is the guiding principle.

ElSaffar’s music is at once unique and engaging, full of heart and passion. Challenging notions of composition vs. improvisation, tradition vs. modernity, microtonality/modality vs. harmony, his compositions bring to light the universality of music across cultures. Given the catastrophes befalling the people of the Middle Eastern and Arab lands, his music is both timely and urgent as he is preserving elements of these cultures by bringing them into context with contemporary musical forms.

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Dave Douglas is back with another High Risk collaboration!

Posted on March 17th, 2016 by Matt

Record Store Day Exclusive Vinyl Release April 16th,
Simultaneous with Digital Release By Greenleaf Music (Bandcamp only)

In Wide Digital & CD Release via iTunes/Amazon/Brick & Mortar, July 8th

With the 2015 release of High Risk, Dave Douglas, Shigeto, Mark Guiliana and Jonathan Maron proved they could produce an album where avant-jazz and electronic music met in a spacey atmospheric middle ground, delivering something new in the world of genre. Melding traditional instrumentation and modern electronic music production challenges the ideals of both the traditional term “jazz” as well as the modern term “electronic music.” Pitchfork described it as, “Simultaneously chill and surprising, it’s the sound of a group discovering a valid language, and then proceeding to push the limits of that new aesthetic.”

We now have a second installment to look forward to. All Music declared High Risk, “A hallucinatory and surprisingly organic collaboration.” The quartet, created by veteran trumpeter, composer and bandleader Dave Douglas, will be released on Douglas’ imprint, Greenleaf Music, exclusively on vinyl as a Record Store Day 2016 Exclusive.

Tracked in the same set of sessions as High Risk, Dark Territory was recorded once again by Geoff Countryman at The Bunker in Brooklyn, NY in October 2014, with mixing by Steve Wall, mastering by Mark Wilder and production by Dave Douglas.

“The biggest element in this meeting of the worlds [is] an openness and willingness to put everything at risk,” says Douglas. “I wanted to create a situation where we really were at risk, we were on a high wire, where the exigencies of being in the moment and creating with your wits – from one second to the next – was what it was about.”

Douglas continues, “Dark Territory follows up on this area of risk, going into new, as yet unexplored musical spaces. The title was suggested by the writer Fred Kaplan, whose new book Dark Territory: The Secret History of Cyber War, talks about the similarly mysterious, murky waters of underground activity. In a way, we’re playing through a similar territory without rules where the dangers and challenges of technology are much greater than normal. I love that Zach, Jon, and Mark are so willing to go that place!” Read the rest of this entry »

Melissa Aldana Is “Back Home” – Rising Tenor Sax Star Releases Second Trio Album & Fourth Album Overall

Posted on January 12th, 2016 by Matt

Acclaimed tenor saxophonist Melissa Aldana follows up her 2014 Concord release Melissa Aldana & Crash Trio with the explorative and deeply swinging Back Home, this time released on the Wommusic label. Pablo Menares, Aldana’s fellow native of Santiago, Chile, is again on bass. On drums is the in-demand Jochen Rueckert, bringing a supple and unpredictable rhythmic élan to the session. These three musicians turn on a dime and project an uncommonly full orchestral sound, rich in spiritual intensity, all in the absence of a harmony instrument.

The title Back Home might seem to evoke Chile, where Aldana left in 2007 to pursue jazz at ever higher levels in the U.S. In fact, Aldana reveals, Back Home “is not really related to Chile itself. It’s related to the first time I picked up the tenor and I heard Sonny Rollins.” The closing title track carries strong echoes of Rollins’ playful spirit, and reveals much about Aldana’s evolution from a 6-year-old alto player to “a bold new talent” (NPR), one of the most compelling and prodigious tenor saxophonists of her time. In fact she wrote “Back Home” specifically for Rollins, she recalls: “He was one of the first reasons I started playing trio, because the freedom that you have within the music, the interaction, the opportunity you have to express yourself and communicate with the other musicians.”

As a child Aldana studied with her renowned saxophonist father Marcos Aldana (son of saxophonist Enrique Aldana, whose Selmer Mark VI tenor Melissa performs with to this day). She began on alto but after hearing the landmark Sonny Rollins + 4 she switched to tenor and never looked back. Other important influences she cites range from Don Byas, Gene Ammons and Lucky Thompson to Chris Potter and Mark Turner.

In 2007 Aldana moved to Boston to enroll at Berklee, coming under the mentorship of tenor great George Garzone. Pianist Danilo Pérez and saxophonist Patricia Zarate provided Aldana with crucial support and guidance as well. In 2009 she took the plunge to New York and began apprenticing with greats such as Greg Osby and George Coleman, among others. In 2013 she became the first female instrumentalist and the first South American ever to win the Thelonious Monk Competition. She is also a recipient of the Martin E. Segal Award from Lincoln Center and a double recipient of the Altazor Award, Chile’s highly prestigious national arts prize. In 2014 after two quartet releases for Osby’s Inner Circle label (Free Fall and Second Cycle), she turned her attention to the chordless trio, a jazz aesthetic Sonny Rollins did so much to pioneer. With Back Home she deepens her trio investigations while looking back on her roots, drawing as well from the original compositions of Menares and Rueckert.  Read the rest of this entry »

January & February Fully Altered Media Releases

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Florian Hoefner Group – Luminosity (Origin Records) – Jan 15
Hoefner’s new album is a very strong  addition to the lineage of the piano trio plus sax recording with Seamus Blake (sax), Sam Anning (bass) Peter Kronreif (drums). Florian lived in New York for about seven years, including the time he was in Manhattan School of Music. Before composing the music on this record, he moved to St. John’s Newfoundland following his wife’s appointment as a professor at the University there. The quiet and calm there allowed him to write this book of music. The quartet plays have at Cornelia St Cafe on Feb 23 and Jazz Gallery in March.


Ben Goldberg/Myra Melford – Dialogue (BAG Production) – Jan 15
Melford & Goldberg have had this duo project of about four years. This will be their first record, with tour dates in Europe later next year. They will perform at the Jazz Gallery on January 16 which will coincide with Winter Jazz Fest but not part of it.


ROVA Channeling Coltrane – Electric Ascension (RogueArt; distributed by MVD in North America) CD/DVD/Bluray all-in-one – Jan 15
At the 2012 Guelph Jazz Fest, the ROVA Saxophone Quartet (Bruce Ackley – soprano saxophone, Steve Adams – alto saxophone, Larry Ochs – tenor saxophone, Jon Raskin – baritone saxophone) performed an arrangement of John Coltrane’s seminal Ascension album. For this performance, Rova was joined by eight extraordinary musicians: Nels Cline (electric guitar), Fred Frith (electric bass), Carla Kihlstedt (violin and electronics) and Jenny Scheinman (violins), Chris Brown (electronics) and Ikue Mori (laptop electronics), Rob Mazurek (cornet and electronics) and Hamid Drake (drums). The result is a dual-packaged CD/DVD collection of music, concert footage, and interviews in the documentary Cleaning The Mirror . They will bring this project to Winter Jazz Fest.
John Rogers, who made Cleaning The Mirror plus the concert film at Guelph is not the NYC based photographer, but a documentarian from the Bay Area.


Bobby Avey Trio + John O’Gallagher – title tba (new label run by Marc Copland) – late Feb
Avey has been quietly making a serious name for himself, both as a leader with his last record Authority Melts From Me, and as a sideman with Dave Liebman’s Expansions & has a 15+ year association with Dave since he was a teenager; he is also the normal sub for Matt Mitchell for both Dave Douglas Quintet, & Rudresh’s Bird Calls quintet & Darcy James Argue’s Secret Society when Adam Birnbaum can’t make it. This new record showcases Avey’s normal trio with Jordan Pearlson & Thomson Kneeland with NYC alto-master John O’Gallagher.


Vijay Iyer + Wadada Leo Smith duo (ECM) – title tba – March
This release will coincide with Vijay’s artist in residency at The Metropolitan Museum of Art in March. Vijay is a former member of Smith’s The Golden Quartet which makes for additional simpatico.


Ryan Keberle & Catharsis – Azul Infinito (Greenleaf Music) – March 4 
Following up on Keberle’s latest release Into The Zone, this record has liner notes by Arturo O’Farrill and is intended as an exploration of Ryan’s South American connections in New York dating back to his early days here is a student at Manhattan School of Music to playing with Sebastian Cruz, Pedro Giraudo and countless other Latin bandleaders. They have extensive US & European touring to follow.


Melissa Aldana- Back Home (Wommmusic) – March 11
Follow-up to Aldana’s 2014 Concord release, Melissa Aldana & Crash Trio. On bass once again is Pablo Menares, Aldana’s fellow native of Santiago, Chile. The in-demand Jochen Rueckert, is on drums bringing a supple and unpredictable rhythmic élan to the session. These three musicians turn on a dime and project an uncommonly full orchestral sound, rich in spiritual intensity, all in the absence of a harmony instrument. Back Home was recorded at Sear Sound by James Farber and mastered by Greg Calbi. The trio played together in the same room, and the clarity and expanse of the sound is exceptional. The panning is also markedly different and more realistic, with saxophone on left (stage right), bass in center and drums on right (stage left).


Jeff Lederer & The Brooklyn Blowhards – March/April tbd
The spirit of Albert Ayler filtered through the lens of sea shanties.

Fully Altered’s Forthcoming 2015 Summer and Fall Release Schedule

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We are excited to share our schedule for the Summer/Fall of 2015. You may click the album covers to visit the artist websites or find more information. You can also visit our website for photos, links, album covers and the like.

Stream tracks from the following records on our Soundcloud!

Late Summer Releases
August 2015

jpegLouie Belogenis’ Blue Buddha – Blue Buddha (Tzadik) – Tenor saxophonist Louie Belogenis plays with a luminous open heart, and a tone reminiscent of Albert Ayler. Cutting his teeth with masters such as Rashied Ali, Sunny Murray and Borah Bergman he has recorded several CDs under his own name, and now presents his most unique and adventurous group to date. Featuring an all-star ensemble of three of the most exciting musicians working today–Dave Douglas,Bill Laswell and Tyshawn Sorey –this brilliant group performs as if part of a sacred ceremony, seamlessly weaving together diverse traditions. Uncompromising improvisational music that speaks to the spiritual. Out August 21. 

jpeg-1Painting – Gravity EP (Self-Released) – A production duo of keyboardist Emanuel Ruffler who has worked with Brazilian Girls, Meshell N’degeocello and others on the groove/Nublu scene and jazz drummer cum hip-hop emcee Kassa Overall made a very cool record that sounds like a live DJ mix but is completely made acoustically. Out August 28. 

jpeg-2Waiting For The Angel – Music with Words By David Hajdu (Miranda Music) – After years of writing about songs in acclaimed books and essays, David Hajdu has taken up writing them. Over the past five years, Hajdu has been working with several esteemed composers of jazz, pop and theater music: the pianists Fred Hersch & Renee Rosnes, the alternative-folk singer-songwriter Jill Sobule, and the veteran Broadway composer Michael (Mickey) Leonard. The result is Waiting for the Angel, a collection of quirkily artful songs that defy easy categorization. Out August 28th. 

Fall Releases:
September 2015

jpeg-4Mike Reed’s People, Places and Things – A New Kind of Dance (482 Music) – The formidable Chicago drummer and composer Mike Reed has been a catalyst and architect for new music in Chicago since the early 2000s. Still freshly anointed as chairperson for the Chicago Jazz Festival and founder of the performing arts venue Constellation, Reed takes time to offer the sixth release by his long running quartet, People Places & Things. By combining Reed’s penchant for playful melodies and a love of deep swing, People Places & Things steps forward, while firmly rooted in Chicago’s jazz lineage.  Additionally, guest pianist Matthew Shipp and guest trumpeter Marquis Hill offer plenty of space to keep the quartet (Greg Ward, alto sax; Tim Haldeman, tenor sax; Jason Roebke, bass) on their toes. Out September 25th.

October 2015

jpeg-5Miho Hazama & m_unit (Sunnyside) – Oct 2 – Originally from Japan, New York-based jazz composer Miho Hazama is a brilliant, award-winning bandleader, who just five years ago arrived in New York City and has since begun to establish herself as a force to be reckoned with. With her second Sunnyside Records release, she further makes her case as an important emerging voice in the large ensemble arena. Her jazz chamber orchestra “m_unit” draws on myriad musical sources, arriving at a highly distinctive and original sound. Out October 2nd.

jpeg-6Dave Douglas Quintet Brazen Heart (Greenleaf) – Dave’s longstanding quintet, one of the best bands working in jazz today, featuring Jon Irabagon (saxophones), Matt Mitchell (piano), Linda Oh (bass) and Rudy Royston (drums). Brazen Heart is a heart-felt remembrance of Douglas’ brother, featuring a batch of great new original compositions, as well as two spirituals, “Deep River” and “There Is A Balm In Gilead”. This new material grew out of the band’s extensive travels around the United State and Europe in Douglas’ 50th birthday year. Out October 2nd.

jpeg-7Erik Friedlander Oscalypso(Skipstone) – Erik Friedlander has long been recognized as a pioneer of the cello in jazz, improvised and chamber musics. For his latest project, Oscalypso, Friedlander pays tribute to the work of his idol and jazz-cello pioneer Oscar Pettiford, with his all-star band of saxophonist Michael Blake, bassist Trevor Dunn, and drummer Michael SarinOut October 9th.






Paul HemmingsBlues and the Abstract Uke (Leading Tone Records)
A former guitarist, Paul Hemmings has mastered the uncommon and highly compelling art of jazz ukulele. On The Blues and the Abstract Uke, Hemmings reveals a richness of harmony, a bell-like tone and a deep, unforced sense of swing that many will not expect from the small four-stringed instrument. In Hemmings’ hands, and with the unfaltering musical support of bassist Gaku Takanashi and drummer Rudy Royston, and guests Greg Tardy and Curtis Fowlkes the ukulele bursts forth in the mix, full of warmth, expression and technical depth. Out October 9th.

jpeg-8Mike Sopko Sopko, Laswell, Pridgen(Self-Released) – Guitarist Mike Sopko, a fixture in the Bay Area who’s just returned to his native Cleveland presents a ferocious studio document which captures his rapport with drummer Thomas Pridgen (formerly of The Mars Volta) and bassist Bill Laswell, a musical hero to many including Sopko himself. Balancing free improvisation, collective composition and inventive post-production, the trio encounter proves to be as uninhibited and rhythmically charged as it is focused and refined. Out October 16th.

jpeg-9Bill MacKay’s Darts And ArrowsAltamira (ears&eyes records) – Chicago-based guitarist Bill MacKay helms the group Darts & Arrows, one of the most promising bands on Chicago’s experimental rock and new music scene. The quartet consists of Bill MacKay on guitar, Quin Kirchner on drums, Kyle Hernandez on bass, and Ben Boye on keys. Darts & Arrows’ album guests some of Chicago’s most in-demand musicians: alto-saxophonist Nick Mazzarella, AACM violist Renee Baker and drummer Frank Rosaly. Altamira is the quartet’s most fully realized effort, retaining the edgy vitality of their improvised work while painting beautifully textured sonic pictures on a series of through-composed pieces. Out October 16th.

jpeg-10Jacob GarchikYe Olde (Self-Released) – Trombonist Jacob Garchik embarks upon a bold conceptual adventure through a Brooklyn that never was, replete with imagined castles and gargoyles coming alive. He envisions his sidemen as a band of heroes, navigating this fictional universe he’s created. Ye Olde features guitarists Mary Halvorson, Brandon Seabrook, andJonathan Goldberger along with drummerVinnie Sperrazza and the leader on trombone. Out October 23rd.

jpeg-11Scott JeppesenWonders (Self-Released)- In musical explorations of the Seven Wonders of the Ancient World, saxophonist and composer Scott Jeppesenreleases Wonders, an adventurous set of original works conjuring imagery of grandeur. No less grand is the supporting cast featuring guitarist Larry Koonse, pianist Josh Nelson, bassist Dave Robaire, drummerDan Schnelle, and saxophonist/producerBob Sheppard. Out October 23rd.

jpeg-12Nicole Mitchell/Tomeka Reid/Mike Reed TrioArtifacts (482 Music) – After 15 years of music collaborations in a variety of ensemble contexts, the all-star trio of Nicole Mitchell, Tomeka Reid and Mike Reedhave come together to celebrate their long-term relationship and their common cultural and aesthetic threads. All are members of Chicago’s Association for the Advancement of Creative Musicians, and served on the organization’s executive board from 2009 to 2011 (holding the positions of Chairperson, Treasurer and Vice Chairperson, respectively). It’s more than appropriate that the trio would also celebrate some of the music composed by AACM members over the past 50 years: Its forthcoming record dips into the fathomless well of the AACM’s musical history, and furthers the organization’s motto of “Ancient to the Future.”Out October 30th.

November 2015

jpeg-3Robin Eubanks’ Mass Line Big Band(ArtistShare)- Trombonist Robin Eubanks, known for his longstanding place in the bands of Dave Holland and more recently the SF Jazz Collective, takes the leap into big band writing and arranging. In 2013, Eubanks received research status from the Oberlin College Conservatory, where he has taught for 17 years, allowing him to work toward adapting his past compositions for these groups plus new and old originals for a full big band. The band features the late legend Lew Soloff on trumpet, plus Duane Eubanks and Alex Sipiagin, altoist Antonio Hart(also an alumnus of Holland and SF Jazz), trombonists Jason Jackson and Douglas Purviance, drummer Nate Smith, bassist Boris Kozlov and newcomer Glenn Zaleski on piano. Out November 6th.

jpeg-4Adegoke Steve Colson – Tones For (Silver Sphinx Records)
Veteran AACM pianist Adegoke Steve Colson releases his first solo piano record (2 CDs) of his 40 year career, which began in Chicago at Northwestern University as a classical pianist and has continued for the last three decades in the New York area as an guest lecturer and Adjunct Professor at Montclair State University. Over the last 30+ years, he has collaborated extensively with his wife, Iqua Colson, saxophonist David Murray, drummer Andrew Cyrille, the late poet Amiri Baraka and countless others. One of the second wave of AACM musicians, his original Colson Unity Troupe included bassist Reggie Willis, percussionist Dushun Mosley, multireedist Wallace McMillan and wife Iqua on vocals. Out November 19th.

Already Released Summer Albums

jpeg-5Chris Dingman – The Subliminal And The Sublime (Inner Arts Initiative)  w/ Chris Dingman (vibraphone), Loren Stillman (alto saxophone), Fabian Almazan (piano), Ryan Ferreira (guitar), Linda Oh, Justin Brown (drums) – Following up on his acclaimed debut Waking Dreams, imaginative vibraphonist Chris Dingman releases his new suite, The Subliminal And The Sublime, inspired by transcendental experiences that Dingman had in the American West. This will be the first release on his new imprint, Inner Arts Initiative.
Out June 16th.

jpeg-6Zubatto Syndicate 2Batto! (self-released) – Futuristic big band Zubatto Syndicate led by Seattle-based guitarist and composer Andrew Boscardin returns to the studio to record its second album, fusing together jazz, rock, hip-hop and more, with covers of Beyonce & Metallica. Out June 9 2015 

jpeg-7Dave Douglas & High Risk (Greenleaf Music) – featuring Dave Douglas (trumpet), Shigeto (electronics),Jonathan Maron (bass), Mark Guiliana(drums) – Extending his experimentation with electronics from the mid-aughts, trumpeter and conceptualist Dave Douglas releases High Risk,which pairs his precocious talents alongside those of an equally virtuosic talent, electronic musician Shigeto. The quartet is rounded out by two other expansive musical minds: drummer Mark Guiliana and bassist Jonathan Maron. Out June 23, 2015 

jpeg-8John Hollenbeck & Frankfurt Radio Bigband Songs We Like A Lot(Sunnyside Records) – featuring Theo Bleckmann & Kate McGarry (vocals); Uri Caine (piano/keyboards), John Hollenbeck (mallet percussion). Following up on his record Songs I Like A Lot, Hollenbeck releases his second record with The Frankfurt Radio Bigband, Songs We Like A Lot: a series of covers of Cyndi Lauper, Daft Punk, Burt Bacharach & More. June 23rd, 2015 

jpeg-9The Xanadu Master Edition Series (Elemental Music)- Elemental Music is set to re-issue 25 classic records all produced by the legendary producer Don Schlliten. The first six of these albums, which will be released on June 30th, are by Jimmy Heath, Barry Harris, Al Cohn, Sam Most, Xanadu All-Stars, and Albert Heath. June 30th, 2015 (The series continues October 30 with new reissues by Joe Farrell, Kenny Barron, Dolo Coker, Teddy Edwards, Ronnie Cuber, Dexter Gordon & Al Cohn, Kenny Drew, Charles McPherson & More).

Our First Jazz Fiction Project!

Doubleday is proud to present THE JAZZ PALACE from critically acclaimed novelist Mary Morris. Written over two decades, Morris has crafted a true tour-de-force, the most important novel of her career.

jpeg-10It’s a tale of family, race, gangsters, disaster, love, betrayal, and, of course, jazz. In the midst of boomtown Chicago, two Jewish families have suffered terrible blows. The Lehrmans, who run a small hat factory, lost their beloved son Harold in a blizzard. The Chimbrovas, who run a saloon, lost three of their boys on the SS Eastland when it sank in 1915. Each family holds out hope that one of their remaining children will rise to carry on the family business. But Benny Lehrman has no interest in making hats. His true passion is piano – especially jazz.

At night he sneaks down to the South Side, slipping into predominantly black clubs to hear jazz groups play. One of them, the trumpeter, a black man named Napoleon, becomes Benny’s close friend and musical collaborator, and their adventures together take Benny far from the life he knew as a delivery boy. Pearl Chimbrova recognizes their talent and invites them to start playing at her family’s saloon – dubbed The Jazz Palace. But Napoleon’s main gig is at a mob establishment, which doesn’t take too kindly to freelancing. And as the roaring ’20s come to a close and the bubble of prosperity collapses, Benny, Napoleon, and Pearl must all make hard choices between financial survival and the music they love.

August and September Gig Calendar

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July Shows Chronologically: (Band – Venue – Location)

July 30

Julian Lage – Music Hall of Williamsburg // Opening for Blake Mills – Brooklyn, NY – 9 PM show; Julian Lage – solo guitar


August Shows Chronologically: (Band – Venue – Location)

Aug. 3

Ryan Keberle & Catharsis – Dizzy’s Club Coca-Cola – New York, NY – 7:30 PM & 9:30 PM; Mike Rodriguez – trumpet; Camila Meza – vocals; Jorge Roeder – bass; Eric Doob – drums

Aug. 4

Franklin Kiermyer Quartet – Korzo – Brooklyn, NY – 9:00 PM; Franklin Kiermyer – drums; Lawrence Clark – tenor sax, Davis Whitfield – piano, Nimrod Speaks – bass

Aug. 7-9

Ches Smith We All Break Residency – IBeam – Brooklyn, NY – 8:30 PM; Ches Smith – drums, percussion; Matt Mitchell – piano; Daniel Brevil & Markus Schwartz, Traditional Haitian percussion

Aug. 10

Musette Explosion The Chautauqua Institute – Chautauqua, NY; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Aug. 11

Musette Explosion – The Bop Shop – Rochester, NY; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Ches Smith We All Break Residency – Korzo – Brooklyn, NY – 10:30 PM; Ches Smith – drums, percussion; Matt Mitchell – piano; Daniel Brevil & Markus Schwartz, Traditional Haitian percussion

Aug. 13

Painting Shapeshifter Lab – New York, NY – Set at 8:15 PM – Gravity EP pre-release Show; Emanuel Ruffler – piano; Kassa Overall – drums/electronics

Aug. 14-15

Paul Hemmings – Gold Pan Ukulele Festival – Auburn, CA

Aug. 23

Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret – Charlie Parker Jazz Festival, Tompkins Square Park – Sometime between 3:00–7:00 PM – New York, NY w/ Ron Miles – trumpet; Liberty Ellman – guitar; Stomu Takeishi – acoustic bass guitar; Tyshawn Sorey – drums

Aug. 27

Musette Explosion – The Towers –  Narragansett, RI; Will Holshouser – accordion; Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo; Marcus Rojas – tuba


Aug. 28

Chris Dingman Subliminal Trio –  Shapeshifter Lab – Brooklyn, NY; Chris Dingman – vibraphone; Fabian Almazan – piano/electronics; Ryan Ferreira – guitar

Aug. 30

Robin Eubanks Mass Line Big Band – Birdland – New York, NY – feat. Antonio Hart, Alex Cummings, Marcus Strickland, Bobby LaVell, Lauren Sevian – saxophones; Alex Sipiagin, Duane Eubanks, Aaron Janik – trumpets; Jason Jackson, James Burton, Jennifer Wharton, Douglas Purviance, Robin Eubanks – trombones; Glenn Zaleski – piano; Mike King – organ; Boris Kozlov, double bass/electric bass; Nate Smith, drums; David Silliman, percussion


September Shows Chronologically:

Sept. 2

David Hajdu – Rockwood Stage 2 – New York, NY;  Jo Lawry, Karen Oberlin, Michael Winther – rotating vocals; Fred Hersch, Renee Rosnes, Tedd Firth, David Hajdu – rotating pianists;  Sean Smith, drums; Carl Allen – drums; Steve Wilson, saxophones

Lucia & Hank Roberts – Living Room Brooklyn – Brooklyn, NYC; Lucia Roberts – guitar/vocals, Hank Roberts – cello

Sept. 4

John Hollenbeck Chicago Jazz Fest, Arrangement for Billy Strayhorn Centennial – Chicago, IL

Sept. 5

John Hollenbeck – Chicago Jazz Fest, Claudia Quintet +1 with Theo Bleckmann and Very Special Guest – Chicago, IL

Sept. 8

David Ullmann Sextet – Cornelia Street Cafe – New York, NY – 9:00 PM; w/ David Ullmann – guitar; Karel Ruzicka – saxophones; Chris Dingman, vibraphone; Gary Wang, double bass; Vinnie Sperrazza, drums

Sept. 12

Musette Explosion Int’l Accordion Festival – San Antonio, TX; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Sept. 13

Erik Friedlander & Mike Nicholas – The Stone / John Zorn’s Bagatelles – 3:00 PM; Erik Friedlander, Mike Nicholas – cellos

Sept. 18

Vijay Iyer – North Shore Center for The Performing Arts – Skokie, IL; Vijay Iyer – piano; Stephan Crump – double bass, Marcus Gilmore – drums

Musette Explosion Monterey Jazz Festival – Monterey, CA; Will Holshouser – accordion; Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo; Marcus Rojas – tuba

Sept. 19

Musette Explosion – Red Poppy Art House – San Francisco, CA; Will Holshouser – accordion; Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo; Marcus Rojas – tuba

Sept. 20

Musette Explosion – Arcata Playhouse – Arcata, CA; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Sept. 23

Musette Explosion – Siskiyou Music Project – Ashland, OR; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Sept. 24

Musette Explosion Djangofest Northwest – Whidbey Island Bay, WA; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Festival of New Trumpet Music Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 – NYC; Stephanie Richards and CJ Camereri – curators

Sept. 25

Musette Explosion – The Old Church – Portland, OR; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Festival of New Trumpet MusicThe Dimenna Center for Classical Music – New York, NY; Dave Douglas- Curator, Thomas Bergeron Ensemble plays Messiaen featuring Becca Stevens

Sept. 26

Musette Explosion – Kay Meek Center – Vancouver, BC; Will Holshouser – accordion, Matt Munisteri – guitar/banjo, Marcus Rojas – tuba

Festival of New Trumpet Music The Jazz Gallery – New York, NY – 8:30 PM – Marquis Hill – Curator; Phillip Dizack, Keyon Harrold, Billy Buss, Josh Evans, Ingrid Jensen – Trumpet; Theo Hill – piano, Eric Wheeler – bass, Obed Calvaire – drums, Kendall Moore – Commissioned Composer

Sept. 27

Festival of New Trumpet Music Brooklyn Children’s Museum – Brooklyn, NY – 12:00 PM – Blast of Brass – children from all over NYC

Festival of New Trumpet MusicDowntown Music Gallery – New York, NY Aaron Shragge – Curator; Solo Trumpet Sets: Chad McCullough (7:00 PM), John Blevins (8:00 PM), Leo Hardman-Hill (9:00 PM)

Festival of New Trumpet Music – The Blue Note / Brunch – New York, NY;  The Jonathan Powell Latin Jazz Sextet
2 sets @ 11:30AM and 1:30 PM;
 Benje Daneman – Curator; Jonathan Powell – trumpet & flugelhorn; Louis Fouché – alto sax; Manuel Valera – piano and keys; Ricky Rodriguez – bass; Henry Cole – drums; TBA – percussion

Sept. 28

Festival of New Trumpet Music The New School: Jazz Performance Space, 4th Floor – New York, NYMaster Class at New School with Eddie Henderson

Festival of New Trumpet Music – Downtown Music Gallery  – New York, NYNate Wooley – Curator, Solo Trumpet Sets: Jaimie Branch (7:00 PM), Joe Moffett (8:00 PM), Brandon Lewis (9:00 PM), trumpets

Sept. 29

Festival of New Trumpet Music The New School: Hirshorn Suite, 2nd Floor – New York, NYEddie Henderson Panel

Festival of New Trumpet Music The New School: Theresa Lang Community and Student Center, Arnhold Hall, 2nd Floor – New York, NYEddie Henderson Concert

Musette Explosion Goes on Tour Exploring French Musette Music As Cultural Melting Pot

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Will Holshouser, Matt Munisteri, and Marcus Rojas Explore the Parisian Dance Hall Musette as a Cultural Melting Pot, A Modern and Musical Look at Migration and Urban Expansion on Musette Explosion
“Musette … has a dynamic vehicle in this ensemble.” – Nate Chinen, New York Times

Will Holshouser (accordion), Matt Munisteri (guitar & banjo), Marcus Rojas (tuba) are three of New York’s most in-demand virtuoso musicians, each with a distinctive voice on his instrument, explore and expand on Parisian musette. They bring this multicultural dancehall music to new places through the highest improvisational communication, emotionally honest performances, and original compositions.

Marcus, Matt and Will keep busy backing up some of the world’s foremost artists (Regina Carter, David Byrne, Paul Simon, Henry Threadgill, Mark O’Connor, David Krakauer, Catherine Russell and others). Over the last fifteen years, they’ve indulged in a labor of love: exploring the beautiful and challenging French musette repertoire.

Paris in the early 20th century was a cosmopolitan melting pot, like New Orleans or New York. A true “musette explosion,” musical and cultural, was taking place. Paris was “in the throes of explosive growth as poor migrants flocked in. Where people of all classes rubbed shoulders, places of amusement multiplied … Cafés, clubs, brothels, and dance halls were the crucibles in which were forged new musical forms.”1 The original bagpipes (“musettes”) of the French Auvergnats were replaced by the Italians’ accordions, but gave their name to the new style of music; Roma guitarists and violinists brought in Eastern European and Spanish influences; American GIs introduced jazz, the banjo, and drums. German and Polish waltzes, polkas, and mazurkas were also in the air.

This trio, with its unique instrumentation, continues the “explosion” through its new interpretations, sonic surprises, and original compositions.

WILL HOLSHOUSER began playing accordion in the late 1980s when a friend gave him a musty old squeezebox as a surprise. He now performs all over the world as an accordionist, improviser and composer. Will has played for many years with violinist Regina Carter and appears on her last two albums. He has toured and recorded with clarinetist David Krakauer, pop visionaries Antony and the Johnsons, and improvisers Han Bennink & Michael Moore. As a freelance accordionist, he has appeared on a wide range of recordings and live concerts. He has played with Kiran Ahluwalia, Martha Wainwright, Loudon Wainwright III, Uri Caine, NYC Ballet, NYC Opera, Brooklyn Philharmonic, and the Raymond Scott Orchestrette, among many others. The Will Holshouser Trio with trumpeter Ron Horton and bassist David Phillips has released three CDs of his music on the Portuguese label Clean Feed; he has also composed music for theater, films, and dance.

Tuba player MARCUS ROJAS has played in a wide variety of musical contexts, and is internationally recognized as one of the most accomplished and unique voices on his instrument. He has worked with artists ranging from David Byrne and Paul Simon to the Metropolitan Opera, downtown luminaries such as John Zorn and Marc Ribot, reggae stars Sly & Robbie, and jazz legends Lionel Hampton and Lester Bowie. Marcus was a central figure in composer Henry Threadgill’s ensembles throughout the 1990s and collaborated with trumpeter Steven Bernstein and guitarist David Tronzo in the trio Spanish Fly. He has appeared on hundreds of recordings from the labels Black Saint, Tzadik, Sony, Shanachie, Thirsty Ear, and many more.

Growing up, guitarist/banjoist MATT MUNISTERI was the only kid on his block in Brooklyn who played bluegrass banjo; a freewheeling and virtuosic guitarist, he currently gets to work with a wide variety of artists at the top of their game across the jazz and American roots music spectrum. When not working on his own projects his primary sideman gigs for the last few years have been playing with violinist Mark O’Connor’s Hot Swing; Steven Bernstein’s Millennial Territory Orchestra; and with the singer Catherine Russell, for whom he also currently serves as Music Director. Matt’s debut CD Love Story wound up on several critics’ “Best Of” lists, and garnered the number two slot on Amazon’s Top Ten Jazz CDs of The Year (2003). His latest CD, Still Runnin’ Round in the Wilderness: the Lost Music of Willard Robison, has also met with rave reviews. Matt has been featured on France’s ARTE television, profiled in Downbeat magazine, honored with Acoustic Guitar Magazine’s Editor’s Choice award, and been the subject of several broadcasts on NPR. He has also recorded with Holly Cole, Madeline Peyroux, Liz Wright, “Little” Jimmy Scott, Geoff Muldaur, Sasha Dobson, and Kat Edmondson. He is credited on over 70 CDs, including new releases by trombonist Wycliffe Gordon, and guitarist Howard Alden.

The Seasons of Being

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“The Seasons of Being” is a new project from pianist/composer Andy Milne. The 60-minute suite, composed for 10 musicians, is set around Milne’s genre-bending quintet, Dapp Theory, which occupies the cross roads between lyrical jazz piano, funkified polyrhythmic exploration, and spoken word poeticism. This project is a significant new direction for the band, representing their first large-scale collaboration with multiple improvisers. Dapp Theory is augmented with five diverse, top-notch improvisers from the New York creative music scene. Joining the band as special guests are:

Ralph Alessi – trumpet (Fred Hersch, Uri Caine)

Ben Monder – guitar (Maria Schnider, Lee Konitz)

La Tanya Hall – vocals & narration (Steely Dan, Bobby McFerrin)

Michael Attias – baritone saxophone (Anthony Braxton, Paul Motian, Oliver Lake)

Christopher Hoffman – cello (Henry Threadgill, Marc Ribot)

Milne, who has collaborated with Ravi Coltrane, Joe Lovano, Sekou Sundiata, Avery Brooks, Bruce Cockburn, and Dianne Reeves, was at the center of the M-BASE collective during the 1990s. He was a core member of saxophonist Steve Coleman’s groups and collaborated extensively with Cassandra Wilson and Greg Osby. In 2012, Milne was commissioned by The Japan Foundation and New Music USA to create Strings and Serpents, a multi-disciplinary project featuring artists from Japan, France, Canada and the US. He has composed and produced the scores for seven documentary films by acclaimed director William Shatner. In 2013, Milne composed an orchestral work for American Composer’s Orchestra JCOI New Music Readings. A seasoned educator, Milne is on the faculties at The New School, New York University, Columbia University and The Banff Centre, as well as being the assistant director for The School for Improvisational Music.

“The Seasons of Being” was inspired by Milne’s positive personal experiences with homeopathy. Since 2006, he has been exploring the principles of classical homeopathic healing. In 2011, he researched and developed a model for identifying human behavioral patterns (pathologies) through understanding how one’s subconscious preferences for music or sound are connected to their pathology. By uncovering the emotional and spiritual forces influencing our responses to sound and music, Milne’s aim was to compose music that could offer “healing” qualities for the featured improviser.

One aspect of homeopathic diagnosis is the identification of experiences that cause emotions to disrupt the healthy connection between the vital force and physical energy within a human organ. With homeopathy, it’s possible to identify the experiences that contribute to illnesses caused when a person is separated, in varying degrees, from their spirit. This damage manifests as various distinct pathologies. Milne saw the potential to draw meaningful connections between characteristics of a particular pathology (tempo, quality, texture) and fundamental elements of music (rhythm, harmony and melody.) The manner in which an individual responds to sound and music is, in fact, an excellent indicator of their pathology.

The composed material in this project serves as a musical complement, underscoring each improviser’s depiction of a specific behavioral pattern. Each movement features an improviser representing one of several human behavioral patterns. While Duke Ellington composed for individual musicians from an understanding of their musical lineage, Milne is exploring how to reflect an understanding of one’s emotional lineage. His goal is to explore the resonance with which people experience this powerful modality of healing, expressing it musically and creating music that is healing for both the listener and performer. Milne sees the potential to share his work with those working in music therapy, bringing together homeopathy and music, creating opportunities for improving general public health.

Watch more on the upcoming project!

FONT Music Presents Generations 2015: A New Trumpet Music Continuum – September 24-29, 2015

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FONT Music Presents
Generations 2015 – A New Trumpet Music Continuum

Co-Curators Dave Douglas, Marquis Hill, Stephanie Richards, CJ Camerieri, Aaron Shragge, Nate Wooley, Jeremy Pelt Represent A Broad Spectrum of Styles And Sensibilities

2015 FONT Music Award of Recognition Goes To Jazz Trumpet Legend,
Eddie Henderson

Eddie Henderson, photo credit: Jimmy Katz

From September 24 through 29, 2015, New York’s award winning Festival of New Trumpet Music returns for a new season of genre-crunching, forward-looking brass music. Since 2002 FONT Music, directed by trumpeter and composerDave Douglas, has been presenting astounding programs of new trumpet music across genres. In 2014 the festival was honored with Chamber Music America’s Award for Adventurous Programming.

Along with trumpeters and longtime FONT Music collaborators Stephanie Richards and Aaron Shragge, Douglas and his core team have this year invited a community of brass players to “co-curate” the festival. Trumpeters Marquis Hill, CJ Camerieri, Nate Wooley, and Jeremy Pelt all contribute their unique and different visions to this year’s extraordinary program.

“Celebrating Eddie Henderson” will be the culminating event at The New School at 8pm on September 29. Mr. Henderson will also give a public master class on September 28th at 4pm, and participate in a panel discussion about his work and life at 7pm on September 29. He will be awarded with the festival’s Award Of Recognition, in honor of his pioneering work in the field. Previous recipients include Wadada Leo Smith, Kenny Wheeler, Raymond Mase, Bobby Bradford, and Laurie Frink.

“Signatures in Brass,” curated by Marquis Hill, will feature a grouping of some of today’s most compelling young jazz players, with Phillip Dizack, Keyon Harrold, Billy Buss, Josh Evans, and Ingrid Jensen in new and collaborative works. This lineup is particularly notable as Hill generously invited several of his Thelonious Monk Competition “competitors” as well as older players he admires for an evening of collaboration; a rare occasion to say the least. This concert will be presented onSaturday, September 26 with two shows at 8pm and 10pm, in collaboration with The Jazz Gallery.

The festival will continue offering a free event for children entitled “Blast Of Brass,” directed by Jesse Neuman, at the Brooklyn Children’s Museum onSunday, September 27 at 12 noon. This event represents a continuation of the spirit of community involvement for FONT Music, exemplified by past events including the 2010 Jane’s Carousel commission and performance, as well as talks involving diverse musicians such as Ted Daniel, Peter Evans, Raymond Mase, and Igmar Thomas. It also recalls the performance of Henry Brant’s piece for 52 trumpets at Roulette for FONT’s 10th Anniversary.

The opening event of the festival in 2015 will be “Without A Frame” a program hand-picked by trumpeter CJ Camerieri and including works by noted composers and performers from a range of styles Gabriel Kahane, Nico Muhly, Mick Rossi, Greg Saunier and performances by yMusic, Gareth Flowers, Brandon Ridenour, and Asphalt Orchestra. “Without A Frame” will take place at Rockwood Music Hall Stage 3 at 8:30pm on September 24.

On September 25 at 8pm FONT Music will initiate a new collaboration with The Dimenna Center for Classical Music. Trumpeter Thomas Bergeron will perform a very special new version of the music from his album Sacred Feast featuring new arrangements of the music of Olivier Messiaen, including vocalist Becca Stevens and many others. Festival Director Dave Douglas said, “This is a project that is masterfully executed, and I can’t think of another trumpeter who could pull it off. A thing of beauty!”

FONT Music will also present two nights of experimental trumpeters curated by Shragge and Wooley at Downtown Music Gallery. Each evening, September 27and September 28, from 7pm to 10pm, will feature sets by three visionary trumpeter / composers.

Longtime FONT Music board member and trumpeter Jeremy Pelt commented about this year’s Award Of Recognition recipient, Eddie Henderson: “Eddie has been a steady mentor in my career since it’s infancy. At nearly 75 years of age this year, his playing miraculously keeps getting more and more personalized. I think that it would be unjust NOT to celebrate his genius, perseverance and boundless creativity.”

Asked about the impact of Henderson, trumpeter Nate Wooley said, “Eddie Henderson, to me, is the essential bridge between the hard bop continuum of the 60s and contemporary jazz trumpet. He is a visionary that stretched the jazz language by moving its limits rather than bypassing them – the kind of musician that shifts the way we all think about what we do.”

Trumpeter Randy Brecker added, “The word that comes to mind when I think of Eddie is ‘musicality.’ His solos are all of course exercises in spontaneity, but sound like carefully thought-out sculpted gems of musical invention. And of course his is a completely personal sound on the harmon mute.”

Award-winning your trumpeter Marquis Hill on Eddie Henderson: “Dr. Eddie Henderson has led the type of life and career for which one might well and wisely strive. His diligence of craft and tasteful adaptation of rich precedents has quietly influenced many. Definition of a true master!”

Douglas refers to this year’s program as “a series of concerts about generations — the way music grows and changes with each successive era of players. To have Marquis, Eddie, CJ, and Stephanie presented under the same umbrella is an inspiring notion for all musicians – not just trumpeters.”

It is that growth within a continuum that inspires FONT Music and its broad and diverse community of music and musicians to continue striving to push the instrument forward into exciting new and unlikely settings.
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