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Saxophonist/Composer Uri Gurvich Releases ‘BabEl’. Out April 23rd on Tzadik Records

Thursday, April 11th, 2013

BabEl-Album-ArtIn the Biblical account, the Tower of Babel stands as a monument to man’s hubris, the division of tongues into myriad languages a punishment for humanity’s defiance. But on his second CD, Babel (Tzadik), saxophonist/composer Uri Gurvich suggests that perhaps there’s a musical upside to that act of divine wrath. Gurvich assembles a multicultural group of virtuoso musicians to translate his Israeli-inspired melodies into a global sonic language.

Each member of Gurvich’s ensemble hails from a different country – the leader from Israel, pianist Leo Genovese from Argentina, bassist Peter Slavov from Bulgaria, drummer Francisco Mela from Cuba, and special guest oud player and percussionist Brahim Fribgane from Morocco. Together, the band essentially rejoins what the Tower’s aftermath put asunder, only with a much richer, more harmonious blend of diverse accents.

“I like the combination of people from different places playing my music, especially when each one of them is so strongly related to their own folkloric music,” Gurvich says. “There’s a very interesting mix of cultures coming together, with each of the players bringing their own thing to the table.” (more…)

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