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Bryan and the Aardvarks Release ‘Sounds From the Deep Field’, Due Out April 28 via Biophilia Records

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Bryan and the Aardvarks Look to the Stars for Inspiration on
Sounds From the Deep Field,
Due Out April 28 via Biophilia Records

Bassist/Composer Bryan Copeland Finds His Place in the Universe
From the Hubble Space Telescope, Sci-Fi Films, David Bowie and
Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

Preview Sounds From The Deep Field on Bandcamp

In his classic series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, sci-fi satirist Douglas Adams writes about an unique instrument of torture known as the Total Perspective Vortex: a small shed on a desolate planet that gave those unlucky enough to enter a glimpse of the entirety of the vast universe and, with the use of a tiny “You Are Here” placard, the victim’s infinitesimal place in it, reducing them to madness.

On a much smaller scale and with far less soul-crushing results, bassist/composer Bryan Copeland underwent a series of similar experiences in the lead-up to his new album, Sounds From the Deep Field. Finding inspiration rather than insanity in taking a wide view of the infinity surrounding us, Copeland composed ten vivid new compositions for his long-running, whimsically-named band Bryan and the Aardvarks, each reflecting a sense of awe as well as heady dose of cosmic mystery.

The first of those profound revelations came when Copeland and his wife, during a camping trip through California, encountered the giant sequoias of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, breathtaking groves of old-growth trees that measure up to 20 feet in diameter and tower to over 300 feet tall and can live for thousands of years. “You feel like such a tiny, miniscule thing next to these gargantuan trees,” Copeland says. “I had an existential awakening thinking about our life span compared to those trees, which is just the blink of an eye in perspective.”



Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

The DOWN BEAT Rising Star Vibraphonist Draws Inspiration From The Natural World For “The Subliminal and the Sublime,” Premiering Nov. 22 & 23 in New Haven, CT and New York City

On November 2223, vibraphonist/composer Chris Dingman will premiere an expansive new suite, “The Subliminal and the Sublime,” in a pair of Northeast U.S. performances. Commissioned by Chamber Music America, the sweeping, evocative piece is inspired by Dingman’s experiences with the natural world: stunning sights, unexpected moments, or transcendent impressions that have proven inspirational.

“The basic idea came from noticing that there were certain phenomena or scenes in the world that particularly inspire me,” Dingman says. “I’d just be walking around and all of a sudden be struck by something I’d see, maybe a certain pattern in the sky that became extremely intriguing to me. I wanted to look a little more deeply at what’s going on inside of me that’s creating that.”

“The Subliminal and the Sublime” is the long-awaited follow-up to Dingman’s critically acclaimed Waking Dreams, which was named Debut Album of the Year in the 2012 Rhapsody Jazz Critics’ Poll and was included in Best of the Year lists in JazzTimes,, The NYC Jazz Record,, and others. The new suite combines a variant of his Waking Dreams ensemble with another ongoing duo project, with guitarist Ryan Ferreira.

The premiere will take place on Friday, November 22 at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT, and on Saturday, November 23 at SubCulture in New York City. The line-up for these performances features a sextet of rising stars of the jazz world: Dingman, Ferreira, saxophonist Loren Stillman, pianist Fabian Almazan, bassist Linda Oh, and drummer Justin Brown. Following these performances, the band will enter the Clubhouse Recording Studio in Rhinebeck, NY to document the music for Dingman’s next release.


Bassist & Composer LINDA OH Releases Sophomore Album

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Out May 22, 2012 on Greenleaf Music

Featuring DAYNA STEPHENS (saxophone), FABIAN ALMAZAN (piano), RUDY ROYSTON (drums)
and special guest: JEN SHYU (voice)

With her debut CD, Entry, bassist/composer Linda Oh asserted herself as a unique new voice on the modern jazz scene. On her follow-up, Initial Here, Oh draws deeply upon her rich cultural heritage and broad range of inspirations to further define her musical autobiography.


FABIAN ALMAZAN CD Release Week, Village Vanguard Debut, and iTunes Discovery Download

Tuesday, October 11th, 2011

(Biophilia Records / Distributed by Palmetto Records)

Almazan Leads His Trio & String Quartet at

The Village Vanguard: October 11-16

with a Live Webcast via NPR Music & WBGO on October 12, 9:PM (ET)

iTunes Features “The Vicarious Life” as the iTunes Discovery Download

for week of October 11-17

Physical CD: November 22, 2011


Cuban Pianist/Composer Fabian Almazan Combines His Heritage With Classical And Electronic Music On His Debut Album, Personalities

Sunday, September 25th, 2011

Featuring Bassist Linda Oh and Drummer Henry Cole

Out October 4, 2011

Fabian Almazan’s debut, Personalities (Biophilia), reveals his penchant for musical storytelling with well-crafted originals and well-chosen covers. Born in Cuba, raised in Miami and based in New York City, the 27-year-old pianist and composer has apprenticed with Terence Blanchard and is a recent fellow of the Sundance Film Composer’s Lab.


Pianist/Composer Fabian Almazan Combines His Cuban Musical Heritage with Classical and Electronic Music On His Debut, ‘Personalities’

Saturday, September 24th, 2011
Out October 4, 2011Featuring Bassist Linda Oh and Drummer Henry Cole

Fabian Almazan‘s debut, Personalities (Biophilia), reveals his penchant for musical storytelling with well-crafted originals and well-chosen covers. Born in Cuba, raised in Miami and based in New York City, the 27-year-old pianist and composer has apprenticed with Terence Blanchard and is a recent fellow of the Sundance Film Composer’s Lab.

14th Street Records Presents Jake Saslow’s ‘Crosby Street’

Saturday, September 24th, 2011


Fabian Almazan, Mike Moreno, Joe Martin, and Marcus Gilmore

Saxophonist and composer Jake Saslow considers himself a Long Islander, but spent his first six years in the heart of SoHo. On his début record, Crosby Street, Saslow pays tribute to the neighborhood of his earliest years, in the company of pianist Fabian Almazan, guitarist Mike Moreno, bassist Joe Martin and drummer Marcus Gilmore.


Vibraphonist & Composer Chris Dingman Releases His Debut Album, Waking Dreams, On Between Worlds Music

Tuesday, May 31st, 2011

On ‘Waking Dreams’, Dingman is Joined by Several of New York’s Finest Players:
Ambrose Akinmusire (trumpet), Loren Stillman (saxophone),
Fabian Almazan (piano), Joe Sanders (bass) & Justin Brown (drums)

Dreams have a mysterious way of revealing us to ourselves; their unique leaps of space, time and logic are unlike the stories we invent in our waking states, but can provide a similar sense of emotional unfolding and self-realization.


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