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Noah Haidu ‘Infinite Distances’ out 2/10/2017 on Cellar Live + Upcoming Shows

Friday, December 16th, 2016

Pianist NOAH HAIDU Reaches New Expressive Heights with Infinite Distances out 2/10/2017 on Cellar Live

Lyrical, intricate album features Sharel Cassity, Jon Irabagon, Jeremy Pelt with two tight, versatile rhythm sections

Haidu’s third outing includes bold originals and a 6-part suite inspired by a passage from poet Rainer Maria Rilke:

“….between the closest human beings infinite distances continue to exist”


*Preview album on Soundcloud*

Earning praise from Jazzwise as “unquestionably one of the most confident and impressive of all the new pianists,” Brooklyn-based pianist Noah Haidu returns after his well-received Posi-Tone releases Slipstream (2011) and Momentum (2013) with the expansive and ambitious Infinite Distances. Distances explores a concept inspired by a conversation with saxophonist Branford Marsalis, who quoted the writer and philosopher Rainer Maria Rilke in reference to another musician whom he was very close to, but also quite far from.

With a rich ensemble sound and subtly powerful arrangements, the date features alto saxophonist Sharel Cassity, soprano/tenor saxophonist Jon Irabagon, trumpeter Jeremy Pelt and an august rhythm section with drummer John Davis and bassist Ariel Alejandro de la Portilla (four of 11 tracks feature Peter Brendler on bass and Mark Ferber on drums).


Festival of New Trumpet Music (FONT) Preview Week: Q&A with Jeremy Pelt

Thursday, September 5th, 2013

Festival of New Trumpet Music (FONT) Preview Week
Jeremy Pelt

Q&A with Jeremy Pelt
Curator of FONT 2013 Program at Smoke:

September 17:
7pm Vitaly Golovnev
9pm Miki Hirose
10:30pm Lulu’s Playground with Adam Meckler
11:30pm Josh Evans

September 19
7pm Bria Skonberg
9pm Nick Roseboro
10:30pm Billy Buss
11:30pm Jeremy Pelt

Click here for the full 2013 FONT Program

Talk a bit about the venue you chose to curate in? Why is it special to you? Why do you want people to experience that particular venue? Or was it the most hospitable venue available for what you wanted to do?

Curating events for this festival has been a very eye (and ear)- opening experience. One of the things that I dig the most about the position that I’m in is that it gives me a chance to help other trumpeter-composers present their visions to an audience that might not hear them otherwise. This year, I was delighted that Paul Stache, the part owner and proprietor of Smoke agreed to open his doors to FONT. Smoke has long since been a place where I’ve presented my various ensembles and in my estimation, is one of the few clubs in NY that cares about the music. It is my guess that FONT and its participants will feel welcome and comfortable at the club.

What event besides the events you curated are you most looking forward to checking out live?

Because I’m so busy, routinely spreading myself thin trying to balance my work, other people’s work AND kids, I don’t have the type of time I had years ago to comb the scene looking for the new upstarts. FONT provides a worthy “excuse” for me to get out there and see who’s playing. In the past, we’ve paid tribute to various legendary trumpeters by rehashing their music, however in recent years I’ve been quite vocal about the need for us to represent ourselves which is why I proudly accept the challenges that come with programming (in this year’s case) eight disparate trumpeter-led bands. The criteria for my choosing the performers is based off of my general feeling for their music and it’s inherent need to connect to the people.

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