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Bryan and the Aardvarks Release ‘Sounds From the Deep Field’, Due Out April 28 via Biophilia Records

Monday, March 6th, 2017

Bryan and the Aardvarks Look to the Stars for Inspiration on
Sounds From the Deep Field,
Due Out April 28 via Biophilia Records

Bassist/Composer Bryan Copeland Finds His Place in the Universe
From the Hubble Space Telescope, Sci-Fi Films, David Bowie and
Carl Sagan’s Cosmos

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In his classic series The Hitchhiker’s Guide to the Galaxy, sci-fi satirist Douglas Adams writes about an unique instrument of torture known as the Total Perspective Vortex: a small shed on a desolate planet that gave those unlucky enough to enter a glimpse of the entirety of the vast universe and, with the use of a tiny “You Are Here” placard, the victim’s infinitesimal place in it, reducing them to madness.

On a much smaller scale and with far less soul-crushing results, bassist/composer Bryan Copeland underwent a series of similar experiences in the lead-up to his new album, Sounds From the Deep Field. Finding inspiration rather than insanity in taking a wide view of the infinity surrounding us, Copeland composed ten vivid new compositions for his long-running, whimsically-named band Bryan and the Aardvarks, each reflecting a sense of awe as well as heady dose of cosmic mystery.

The first of those profound revelations came when Copeland and his wife, during a camping trip through California, encountered the giant sequoias of Jedediah Smith Redwoods State Park, breathtaking groves of old-growth trees that measure up to 20 feet in diameter and tower to over 300 feet tall and can live for thousands of years. “You feel like such a tiny, miniscule thing next to these gargantuan trees,” Copeland says. “I had an existential awakening thinking about our life span compared to those trees, which is just the blink of an eye in perspective.”


The Dickens Campaign Releases Debut Album “Oh Lovely Appearance”

Tuesday, November 5th, 2013

Music That Has Its Eyes on The Far Horizon and Its Feet on the Front Porch of America.

Featuring Drummer Deric Dickens, Cornetist Kirk Knuffke, and Guitarist Jesse Lewis 

CD-release show at Barbes
January 29, 2014


Deric Dickens is a New-York-based drummer who hails from south Georgia, and those Georgia roots run deep under the earth of this music. He’s chosen as bandmates two people who share his respect for tradition and his willingness to push beyond it. Cornetist Kirk Knuffke is one of the New York’s busiest players, both as a leader and a sideman, particularly in the quartet of celebrated drummer Matt Wilson, who is Dickens’ primary mentor. Guitarist Jesse Lewiscut his musical teeth in New Orleans and spends much of his time these days exploring the intersection of country, pop and jazz as one of New York’s in- demand guitar players. (more…)

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