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Linda May Han Oh Releases ‘WALK AGAINST WIND’ on Biophilia Records April 14, 2017

Monday, February 13th, 2017

Bassist/Composer Linda May Han Oh
Finds Beauty in Exploring Life’s More Challenging Pathways
on Walk Against Wind

Oh’s Fourth Album, Out April 14 on Biophilia Records,
Features Her Stunning Quartet with
Saxophonist Ben Wendel, Guitarist Matthew Stevens,
Drummer Justin Brown

Preview Walk Against Wind on Bandcamp

The art of mime, with its embrace of silence and pure physical expression, may seem like an unlikely source of inspiration for a jazz musician. But in “Walking Against the Wind,” one of Marcel Marceau’s best-loved pieces, bassist/composer Linda May Han Oh found a stunning metaphor for the life of an artist. Linda has chosen to release this album under the name, “Linda May Han Oh” as “May Han” is her birth name and the name “Linda” was given to her at three years of age upon moving to Australia in order to assimilate. Marceau’s graceful but frustrated motion, which also inspired Michael Jackson’s iconic moonwalk, found the legendary mime fighting against invisible but pervasive forces while also embracing the beauty and pleasure to be found in taking the paths in life that offer greater challenges – but also richer rewards.

On her fourth album, Walk Against Wind, Oh explores both the challenges and the rich rewards of an artist’s journey. “Walk Against Wind is about the paths that we choose,” Oh explains. “Sometimes they end up being the harder paths, but in the long run they prove more fruitful.”

The album, due out April 14 via Biophilia Records, is the spiritual successor to Oh’s acclaimed 2013 release Sun Pictures, with returning saxophonist Ben Wendel (Kneebody, Snoop Dogg) joined by guitarist Matthew Stevens (Christian Scott, Esperanza Spalding) and drummer Justin Brown (Ambrose Akinmusire, Gerald Clayton). In addition, keyboardist Fabian Almazan (Terence Blanchard) and Korean traditional musician Minji Park appear as special guests with the quartet, which has been workshopping Oh’s compositions at a variety of New York hotspots including the 55 Bar, The Jazz Gallery and Minton’s Harlem.


2015 Fully Altered Media APAP & Winter Jazz Fest Showcase Information

Thursday, January 8th, 2015

2015 Fully Altered Client APAP Showcases


Fully Altered Media Client Showcase, Winter JazzFest

Friday, Jan 9th: Linda Oh’s Sun Pictures at SubCulture – 45 Bleccker St, 7:15 PM –
Linda Oh – Bass, Ben Wendel – saxophone, Matt Stevens – guitar, Rudy Royston – drumsFriday, Jan 9th: DaveDouglas Quintet at Judson Church

 – 55 Washington Sq Park South, 9:15 PM – Dave Douglas- trumpet, Troy Roberts – tenor saxophone, Matt Mitchell – piano, Linda Oh – bass, Rudy Royston – drums

Friday, Jan 9th: Kris Davis’ Infrasound at SubCulture – 45 Bleecker St, 11:00 PM – Kris Davis – Piano, Gary Vercase – organ, Nate Radley – guitar, Ches Smith – drums, Andrew Bishop, Ben Goldberg, Joachim Badenhorst and Oscar Noriega – bass clarinets

Friday, Jan 9: Anthony Pirog Trio at Carroll Place – 157 Bleecker St, 12:45 AM
(w/ Michael Formanek- Bass, Ches Smith – Drums)

Saturday, Jan 10th: The Cellar & Point at The Player’s Theater – 115 MacDougal St, 1:15 AM-
(w/ Joe Bergen – vibraphone, Christopher Otto -violin, Kevin McFarland – cello, Terrence McManus – electric guitar, Christopher Botta – acoustic guitar and banjo, Greg Chudzik – bass, Joseph Branciforte – drums
(Also performing , 1/10 at 1 PM, Apple Store, SoHo as part of iTunes Live:
103 Prince Street, New York, NY 10012)

Saturday, Jan 10th: Ryan Keberle & Catharsis at SubCulture – 45 Bleecker St, 6:00 PM-
Ryan Keberle – trombone, Mike Rodriguez – trumpet, Jorge Roeder – bass, Kenny Wolleson – drums, Camila Meza – voice

Saturday, Jan 10th: Myra Melford’s Snowy Egret at Zinc Bar – 82 W 3rd St, 6:30 PM-
Myra Melford – piano, Liberty Ellman – guitar, Stomu Takeishi – bass, Tyshawn Sorey – drums, Ben Goldberg – bass clarinet

Saturday, Jan 10th: Theo Bleckmann at Judson Church – 55 Washington Sq Park South, 6:45 PM
Theo Bleckmann – voice, composition, Gary Vercase – piano, Chris Tordini – bass, John Hollenbeck- drums, percussion, w/ special guest Ambrose Akinmusire

Also Appearing at WJF:
Aaron Parks’ Little/Big (Friday, 1/9, 1:30 AM at SubCulture)
Uri Caine/Han Bennink (Friday, 1/9, 12:15 AM at SubCulture)
John Raymond Roots Trio (Saturday, 1/9, 1:30 AM at SubCulture)

Also note:
Thursday Jan. 8, 6-10 PM
Ben Wendel Quartet, Jamie Baum & Short Stories, Michael Blake’s Tiddy Boom, Joel Harrison 4
46 Barrow Street, New York, NY 10014
(212) 242-4770 $10, free with APAP badge Or JazzConnect Registration

Jan 15-18, 2015 – Jazz Standard
Aaron Goldberg Trio at Jazz Standard – CD Release for “The Now” (Sunnyside Records)
(w/ Eric Harland – drums, Reuben Rogers- bass) – 116 E 27th St. New York, NY 10016

Exclusive Video Premiere: Dave Douglas Quintet, “Time Travel (Alt. Take)” on

Monday, October 21st, 2013
DD|50: Special Edition 50th Birthday Recordings Box Set Out Tomorrow
Via Greenleaf Music
“Today we’re premiering an exclusive video: “Time Travel (Alt. Take),” from trumpeter Dave Douglas‘s new DD|50 box. It’s an alternate version of the title track from one of the three albums included in the box, performed by his new quintet featuring saxophonist Jon Irabagon, pianist Matt Mitchell, bassist Linda Oh, and drummer Rudy Royston. They’re featured on two of the three albums, Time Travel and Be Still. On the latter disc, they’re joined by vocalist Aoife O’Donovan. Those two albums were initially released separately; the third disc in the box, Pathways, is entirely new, and showcases a whole other band: Greg Tardy on clarinet and tenor sax, Joshua Roseman on trombone, Uri Caine on piano, and Clarence Penn on drums, with Oh and O’Donovan returning on bass and vocals, respectively.” (more…)


Tuesday, October 15th, 2013

The DOWN BEAT Rising Star Vibraphonist Draws Inspiration From The Natural World For “The Subliminal and the Sublime,” Premiering Nov. 22 & 23 in New Haven, CT and New York City

On November 2223, vibraphonist/composer Chris Dingman will premiere an expansive new suite, “The Subliminal and the Sublime,” in a pair of Northeast U.S. performances. Commissioned by Chamber Music America, the sweeping, evocative piece is inspired by Dingman’s experiences with the natural world: stunning sights, unexpected moments, or transcendent impressions that have proven inspirational.

“The basic idea came from noticing that there were certain phenomena or scenes in the world that particularly inspire me,” Dingman says. “I’d just be walking around and all of a sudden be struck by something I’d see, maybe a certain pattern in the sky that became extremely intriguing to me. I wanted to look a little more deeply at what’s going on inside of me that’s creating that.”

“The Subliminal and the Sublime” is the long-awaited follow-up to Dingman’s critically acclaimed Waking Dreams, which was named Debut Album of the Year in the 2012 Rhapsody Jazz Critics’ Poll and was included in Best of the Year lists in JazzTimes,, The NYC Jazz Record,, and others. The new suite combines a variant of his Waking Dreams ensemble with another ongoing duo project, with guitarist Ryan Ferreira.

The premiere will take place on Friday, November 22 at Firehouse 12 in New Haven, CT, and on Saturday, November 23 at SubCulture in New York City. The line-up for these performances features a sextet of rising stars of the jazz world: Dingman, Ferreira, saxophonist Loren Stillman, pianist Fabian Almazan, bassist Linda Oh, and drummer Justin Brown. Following these performances, the band will enter the Clubhouse Recording Studio in Rhinebeck, NY to document the music for Dingman’s next release.


Linda Oh and Greenleaf Music Announce August 27th Release of “Sun Pictures”

Monday, July 15th, 2013

Featuring Saxophonist Ben Wendel, Guitarist James Muller and Drummer Ted Poor

e8rNVwIjxTvXCdbDAY0_HYzMXu3mkreKO6QsKEn08jQOn her third CD, Sun Pictures (Greenleaf Music), acclaimed bassist/composer Linda Oh offers a set of musical postcards from her travels across the country and around the world. In the two years since the release of her last CD, Initial Here, Oh has performed extensively, both leading her own groups, in renowned trumpeter Dave Douglas’ new quintet, and with the Sound Prints quintet co-led by Douglas and tenor sax giant Joe Lovano. In between, she’s returned home to her native Australia to visit family, and all of those journeys are represented in the pieces on Sun Pictures.

“Each one of these tunes is a tiny snapshot of my recent travels and of my experiences playing music,” Oh says. “I think it’s a good process to keep writing even when you’re traveling and working and playing. It gets a bit tough when you have to run from one city to another, but I always try to find the time.”

The album’s title was inspired by one of those family visits. Sun Pictures is the name of the world’s oldest outdoor movie theater still in operation, which is located in Broome, a beautiful and historic town in Northwest Australia where Oh’s sister, a physician,  resides along with her physician husband and children.

“It’s a very small town, rich in history,” Oh says of Broome, a tourist destination rooted in the pearl diving industry. “There’s a Chinatown in this small country town on the coast, and in that quarter there’s an amazing-looking building which is the cinema, Sun Pictures. It’s pretty unreal.”

The site is an apt parallel for Oh’s new album, which similarly frames driving narratives within serene beauty. The setting for the recording itself was unlikely; the occasion was a free session at Columbia University’s student-run jazz radio station WKCR in New York City (which could hardly be called a proper recording studio). Oh brought in an outside engineer to assist in the recording, her fellow Aussie bassist Desmond White, who mainly assisted with microphone placement.


Dave Douglas & Greenleaf Music Announce The Follow-Up To The Critically Acclaimed 2012 Release, ‘Be Still’, TIME TRAVEL

Tuesday, February 12th, 2013

Additionally: Dave Douglas Quintet Begins 50-U.S. State Tour 
To Coincide With Douglas’ 50th Birthday Year, And Greenleaf Rolls Out First Single & Video
Dave Douglas iPhone & iPad Apps

Following on the heels of the critically acclaimed Be Still, trumpeter/composer/bandleader/label founder and musical community builder Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music proudly announces an all-instrumental follow-up to the album Stereophile called “one of the best-sounding new recordings [we]’ve heard by anybody in quite a while.” Likewise, The New York Times called the album “gorgeous and contemplative,” while the Los Angeles Times deigned it, “a lush collection of hymnals and elegies reworked into widescreen jazz.” (more…)

Fully Altered Clients on PopMatters Best Jazz of 2012 List

Thursday, December 13th, 2012

Our clients are listed as #1, #2, #5 & #10 in the PopMatters Best Jazz of 2012 list posted today. Congrats to FAM clients Vijay IyerDave DouglasRez Abbasi & Linda Oh + past client and all around good guy Matt Wilson & our friends Tim BerneMary HalvorsonThe Bad Plus & Bill McHenry. We don’t know Brad Mehldau personally but we greatly admire his work! You dig? View the list.

Dave Douglas & Greenleaf Music Announce Big Plans for 2012

Saturday, February 25th, 2012

New Artists, New Technologies, New Dave Douglas Quintet Album With All-New Lineup

While 2012 could be the year of the global apocalypse as predicted by the Mayans, trumpeter, composer and label head Dave Douglas and his label Greenleaf Music (GLM) continue to roll full-steam ahead by releasing jazz, post-jazz, and other creative music.  The label’s credo is simply about creativity in musical expression. As a result, GLM’s sound is defined by the artists Douglas chooses to sign, allowing them room to define their own world—new sounds that connect, music that has something personal to say that is unique to that individual, as well as having something universal to offer. GLM believes that what interests listeners is not just the recorded product, but the artists themselves. As such we are interested in making available sheet music, artist commentary, discussion and more.


Bassist & Composer LINDA OH Releases Sophomore Album

Thursday, February 2nd, 2012

Out May 22, 2012 on Greenleaf Music

Featuring DAYNA STEPHENS (saxophone), FABIAN ALMAZAN (piano), RUDY ROYSTON (drums)
and special guest: JEN SHYU (voice)

With her debut CD, Entry, bassist/composer Linda Oh asserted herself as a unique new voice on the modern jazz scene. On her follow-up, Initial Here, Oh draws deeply upon her rich cultural heritage and broad range of inspirations to further define her musical autobiography.



Monday, November 21st, 2011



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