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Sunday, June 7th, 2009

With Facebook and Twitter going strong these days, it’s often easy to forget to update my website from time to time with client news and such.

Magos Herreras Distancia

Magos Herrera's "Distancia"

This past Wednesday morning, I got word from my main man Patrick Jarenwattananon at NPR Music that the anticipated review of Magos Herrera‘s new disc Distancia was going to air on NPR’s All Things Considered that day, I was pretty stoked (to use the parlance of our times).  While performing that day’s other tasks (organizing a mailing with Stephen, preparing press releases and advance lists), I missed the story airing live on the radio but caught it online about an hour after it aired.  Reviewer Tom Moon‘s enthusiastic review of the disc catapulted the CD straight to the Top 50 in Music on  And as of tonight, almost 4 days later, Distancia still sits at #85 in the overall music rankings on Amazon and after a day-long reign on Thursday at #1 on the iTunes Jazz album chart (followed by most of Friday at #2), Magos is now at #6 on that chart.  Not too shabby.  Look out for Magos performing live at the Philadelphia Museum of Art on July 3rd and at the Montreal International Jazz Festival on July 12.


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